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We aim to be the One-Stop-Shop for unusual, fun and collectible Salt and Pepper Shakers. We have more than 1000 different NEW shakers in stock - you will not find a better selection anywhere else!
If you know of a shaker set we don't carry, please let us know - we are always looking for new treasures.
Enjoy our store!

Here is a list of terms you may find in our descriptions:

-GO-WITH - two or more pieces form a set. Also known as go-togethers and can also be a play in words.
-HUGGER - Two pieces wrap or hug each other. Made popular by artist Ruth Van Tellingen Bendel Patent US2560755A.
-NODDER - where a shaker is perfectly balanced and will pivot back and forth when gently touched. Also part of Rockers and Rollers, Bobbers, Hangers and Weavers.
-NESTER/STACKER - One of the shakers sits on part of the other and the base shaker supports the upper shaker. Also known as Sitters and Holders.
-ONE-PIECE - shakers where the salt and pepper are dispensed from one shaker piece. 
-ANTHROPOMORPHIC - also known as Personification is the attribution of human traits, emotions, form, characteristics or intentions to non-human entities or abstract concepts.
-CRAZING/CRACKLE GLAZE - Characterised as a spider web pattern of cracks penetrating the glaze. Sometimes the effect is accentuated on purpose.
-LUSTER AND OVERGLAZES - creates the gold, platinum, copper, iridescent and Mother of Pearl finish. Sometimes referred to as "third fire" glazes.
-RESIN - casting is a method of plastic casting where a mold is filled with a liquid synthetic resin, which then hardens. Resin can hold more detail than plastic and is primarily used for small-scale production.
-MAGNETIC - refers to any set that uses small magnets to either make them kiss, sit, or hold in place. Eventually with time you may need to reattach them with a drop of superglue.
-LICENSED - In a merchandise license transaction, an artist, designer, trademark owner or celebrity grants a license to a manufacturer to manufacture and sell items which use the property that is the subject of the license, in exchange for money.
-VINTAGE STYLE, RETRO - A reproduction or copy of another work of art. Some manufacturers take the antique molds and make new sets out of them. There is no creative process involved.
-EMBELLISH - as defined by Webster is "to make beautiful by ornamentation, to adorn or to add fanciful details to." IE goggly eyes, rhinestones, straw, motor, beads, spaghetti porcelain, etc.
-MECHANICAL - are any shakers that have a mechanical parts such as a squeaker, wind-up motor, etc.